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Ua neeb khu: a Hmong American healing ceremony

TitleUa neeb khu: a Hmong American healing ceremony
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCapps, LL
JournalJ Holist NursJ Holist Nurs
Date PublishedJun
ISBN Number1552-5724 (Electronic)<br/>0898-0101 (Linking)
Accession Number21041553
KeywordsAged, Asian Americans, Ceremonial Behavior, Chronic Disease/ rehabilitation, Cultural Characteristics, Holistic Health, Humans, Male, Shamanism, Spiritual Therapies/ methods, Spirituality, United States
AbstractUa neeb khu (pronounced "oo-ah neng kue") is a ceremonial healing practice engaged in by Hmong Americans for the treatment of various health problems involving spiritually focused concerns that only a shaman practitioner is qualified to treat. A qualitative ethnographic case study method with participant observation was used to analyze a spiritual healing ceremony performed by a shaman healer (txiv neeb) for an elderly Hmong American male residing in a midwestern city in the United States. The healing ritual was filmed and reviewed with the shaman healer to identify symbolic meanings and processes. Through ritual exchange and reciprocal transaction between the spirit and living world, the shaman facilitated the resolution of the spiritual problem and promoted the patient's healing and sense of well-being. Awareness of the symbolic aspects of ritual in ua neeb khu and the relationship to the patient's world view is useful to health practitioners for a holistic understanding of Hmong American healing practices.
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