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The sociocultural context of physical activity in older Mexican American women

TitleThe sociocultural context of physical activity in older Mexican American women
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCantu, AG, Fleuriet, KJ
JournalHispanic Health Care InternationalHispanic Health Care International
ISBN Number1540-4153
KeywordsAcculturation, Aged, Aged, 80 and Over, Caregivers, Case Studies, Conceptual Framework, Cultural Values, Descriptive Statistics, Educational Status, Employment Status, Ethnographic Research, Family Relations, Female, Health Behavior -- Ethnology -- In Old Age, Health Status, Hispanics -- In Old Age, Human, Interviews, Life History Review, Marital Status, Marriage, Middle Age, Narratives, Parity, Physical Activity -- In Old Age, Poverty Areas, Quantitative Studies, Research Instruments, Sex Role, Social Class, Surveys, Triangulation, Women's Health
AbstractResearch is needed to exam the sociocultural factors that inform the decision of Hispanics to adopt and maintain physical activity. This study examined the sociocultural context among Mexican American women living in a low-income neighborhood. The women structured their behavior around the themes of family/kinship relationships and gender expectations, which in turn have embedded caregiving as an essential expectation that structures their behavior. "Being there," or physical presence, was a behavioral demonstration of these themes, and physical activity is seen as a behavior that has the potential to make the women unavailable for family/kinship relationships and gender expectations, both of which require caregiving. Nurses need to reframe physical activity relative to being an activity that will enhance the ability to be physically present for their families.