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Predictors of depression among older African American cancer patients

TitlePredictors of depression among older African American cancer patients
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAgarwal, M, Hamilton, JB, Moore, CE, Crandell, JL
JournalCancer NursingCancer Nursing
Date PublishedMar-Apr
ISBN Number0162-220X
Accession NumberPeer Reviewed Journal: 2010-07045-009
Keywords*Blacks, *Demographic Characteristics, *Neoplasms, *Quality of Life, *Risk Factors, Cancer [3293], Geriatrics, Human Male Female Outpatient Adulthood (18 yrs & older) Middle Age (40-64 yrs) Aged (65 yrs & older) Very Old (85 yrs & older), Major Depression, Patients, predictors of depression, older African Americans, cancer patients, risk factors, demographic characteristics, us
AbstractBackground: Depression is becoming an increasing concern in cancer patients because of its impact on quality of life. Although risk factors of having depression have been examined in the literature, there has been no research examining these factors in older African American cancer patients. Objective: This study explores the demographic and illness-related risk factors in older African American cancer patients. Methods: Two hundred eighty-three patients were recruited from outpatient oncology clinics. These older African American patients completed a questionnaire that included the Geriatric Depression Scale as well as sociodemographic characteristics and medical information. 2 Tests, trend tests, and logistic regression were used to identify the demographic and illness-related factors that predict depression in the sample. Results: The overall prevalence of depression in the sample was 27.2%. Younger age (
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