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Older Asian Americans' Primary Care Use: Examining the Effect of Perceived Mental Health Need

TitleOlder Asian Americans' Primary Care Use: Examining the Effect of Perceived Mental Health Need
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsNguyen, DD
JournalSocial Work in Mental HealthSocial Work in Mental Health
ISBN Number1533-2985
KeywordsAged, California, Chi Square Test, Chinese -- In Old Age, Conceptual Framework, Cross Sectional Studies, Data Analysis Software, Descriptive Statistics, Factor Analysis, Filipinos -- In Old Age, Funding Source, Health Services Accessibility, Health Status Disparities, Help Seeking Behavior, Human, Insurance Coverage, Logistic Regression, Medically Uninsured, Mental Health -- In Old Age, Mental Health Services, Middle Age, Multivariate Analysis, Odds Ratio, Primary Health Care -- Utilization -- In Old Age, Questionnaires, Race Factors, Self Report, Social Work, Surveys, T-Tests, Vietnamese -- In Old Age
AbstractPrior health services research has overlooked older Asian Americans. Extending research on older Asian Americans' help-seeking behaviors can inform health disparity interventions. This study used existing data to examine the effects of ethnicity and perceived mental health need on physician use among Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese over the age of 50. Nearly all who perceived a mental health need sought primary care. Multivariate analyses showed perceived mental health need affected physician use differently for each ethnic group. Collaboration between social workers and other healthcare professionals to identify and address mental health needs among diverse older Asian Americans can reduce mental health disparities.
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