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Guest editorial. Economics of ageing in Pacific Islands

TitleGuest editorial. Economics of ageing in Pacific Islands
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsReddy, M
JournalAsia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation JournalAsia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal
KeywordsAging, Demography, Economics, Pacific Islands, Public Policy
AbstractAgeing is one of the scientific processes that all living beings are confronted with. Since it is inevitable and unavoidable, what most people strive for is successful ageing. This paper examines the effect of various factors on ageing, with particular reference to the impact of the economic situation prevailing in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) on the quality of life. The economies of Pacific Island nations have been sluggish of late, which is attributed to the approaches to economic growth adopted by these countries. The quality of life can be improved if policy makers have a clear understanding of the factors that influence successful ageing, and develop appropriate economic policies accordingly.