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Engaging community in the quality of hypertension care project with Hmong Americans

TitleEngaging community in the quality of hypertension care project with Hmong Americans
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWong, C, Mouanoutoua, V, Chen, MJ
JournalJ Cult DiversJ Cult Divers
Date PublishedSpring
ISBN Number1071-5568 (Print)<br/>1071-5568 (Linking)
Accession Number19172977
KeywordsAsian Americans/ ethnology, Attitude to Health/ ethnology, California, Conflict (Psychology), Consumer Participation/methods/psychology, Cooperative Behavior, Cultural Competency, Emigrants and Immigrants/psychology, Female, Focus Groups, Health Care Surveys/ methods/standards, Humans, Hypertension/ethnology/prevention & control, Laos/ethnology, Male, Middle Aged, Nursing Methodology Research, Patient Selection, Quality of Health Care/standards, Questionnaires, Refugees/psychology, Research Design, Researcher-Subject Relations/psychology
AbstractThis paper describes the collaborative endeavors between researchers and the Hmong community to develop and test a quality of hypertension care survey instrument. In-depth interviews with community leaders and hypertensive patients enhanced the understanding of quality of care from Hmong socio-cultural perspectives. Knowledge gained from the Hmong community was integrated into the research process. The collaborative process led to generating a culturally sensitive survey instrument, overcoming cultural barriers for recruitment of survey participants, and facilitating community involvement in all aspects of research implementation. Applying community-sensitive research methods ensured the success of the project.
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