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Culturally competent care for Hmong and southeast asian population

TitleCulturally competent care for Hmong and southeast asian population
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsQuinn-Szcesuil, J
JournalMinority NurseMinority Nurse
ISBN Number1076-7223
KeywordsAsia, Southeastern, Asians, Communication, Cultural Competence, Cultural Diversity, Cultural Values, Family Role, Health Beliefs, Health Promotion, Immigrants, Medicine, Oriental Traditional, Nurse-Patient Relations, Nursing Care, Patient Education, Staff Development, transcultural nursing
AbstractIf there is one thing surgical nurse Rochelle Scott has learned from her patients, it is to assume nothing. No matter how well she might think she understands a culture or a tradition important to her patients, Scott learned through repeated interactions that each patient, no matter what his or her heritage, will interpret and use cultural norms in slightly different ways.
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