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Community based organizations addressing South Asian American health

TitleCommunity based organizations addressing South Asian American health
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChaudhary, N, Vyas, A, Parrish, EB
JournalJ Community HealthJ Community Health
Date PublishedAug
ISBN Number1573-3610 (Electronic)<br/>0094-5145 (Linking)
Accession Number20532600
KeywordsAsian Americans, Community Health Services/ organization & administration, Community-Institutional Relations, Health Education, Health Services Needs and Demand/ organization & administration, Health Status Disparities, Health Surveys, Humans, Internet, Qualitative Research, United States
AbstractAddressing the health needs of all Americans is central to the public health agenda in the US. Although some progress has been made in documenting health disparities among South Asians living in the US, more attention is needed to fully understand how communities are addressing the health needs of this community. Community Based Organizations (CBOs) play a vital role in strengthening and empowering communities through outreach and health education. Through research conducted via a web survey and key informant interviews, this study provides a context for understanding how CBOs in the US have begun to address the health of South Asian Americans. Additionally, recommendations are identified that may help improve the health outcomes of this population.